Server Hardware & Management

The Latest Security Best Practices

From application servers to server hardware, these are your network’s heavy lifters. As any top athlete, they require a strict diet of updates, monitoring and security hardening to ensure top performance under heavy load. Due to the intensity of their daily routine, servers have a shorter competitive career than other network devices and consequently require a backup plan – literally.

  • Antivirus and anti-spyware scanning
  • Protection of sensitive data
  • Configuration and network access
  • Patch management
  • Installation of software applications
  • Remote and on-site support
  • Inventory and asset management
  • Hardware procurement services
  • On-site server hardware placement
  • Datacenter hardware co-location
  • Backup and disaster recovery

Whether your servers are Internet facing or strictly internal, application delivery should adhere to the latest security best practices, test and optimization methodologies to ensure the highest level of availability and performance. We use robust hardware with extensive vendor support.

Our experience with Microsoft Windows Server runs deep, and depending on your scenario, we can deliver applications via on-site or off-site infrastructure. The end goal is to simplify your operations and provide hardware resources on-demand according to your exact needs – nothing more, nothing less.

1. How much can I expect to save?

Research shows that a slow and under-performing workstation can cost employers as much as 25% in lost productivity. If ten employees lose one half-hour per day due to slow desktops or laptops, in one year that translates to about 1,225 hours of lost productivity – over $33,000 at $27 per hour.

2. Cloud vs Self-Build

At each step, we will explain the risks and benefits of utilizing public and shared infrastructure (The Cloud) versus “building your own” – the aim is to leverage cost effective services while retaining enough control.

3. The IT Gorilla Strategy

It’s a common challenge for businesses to manage their technology needs while looking after the company’s primary responsibilities. We go beyond providing computer support and help your business incorporate a technology strategy that will grow, manage and protect your valuable business assets. With our, upfront, simplified monthly pricing model we optimize your infrastructure and your budget.

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