Desktop, Laptop & Workstation Management

Network & System Management

Are your primary productivity devices running optimally? We have designed our service level agreements (SLA) to match the needs of small and medium businesses. Security against malware threats and protection of data are key areas when representing national interests. Here’s a brief list of what’s included:

  • Antivirus and anti-spyware scanning
  • Protection of sensitive data
  • Configuration and network access
  • Patch management
  • Installation of software applications
  • Remote and on-site support
  • Inventory and asset management
  • Hardware procurement services

1. How much can I expect to save?

Research shows that a slow and under-performing workstation can cost employers as much as 25% in lost productivity. If ten employees lose one half-hour per day due to slow desktops or laptops, in one year that translates to about 1,225 hours of lost productivity – over $33,000 at $27 per hour.

2. The IT Gorilla Strategy

It’s a common challenge for businesses to manage their technology needs while looking after the company’s primary responsibilities. We go beyond providing computer support and help your business incorporate a technology strategy that will grow, manage and protect your valuable business assets. With our, upfront, simplified monthly pricing model we optimize your infrastructure and your budget.

3. The IT Gorilla Approach

Our approach to desktop and laptop management is simple yet effective. Any workstation on the network is provided unlimited support as long as it is covered by our support agreement. There are two desktop support tiers to choose from: basic and advanced. Depending on your needs and use case, we ensure that you receive exactly what is right for you and nothing more.

4. The IT Gorilla Philosophy

The driving principle of our desktop support philosophy boils down to this: no invoice shock, cost spikes or surprises. After all, we consider our clients as partners, and they see us as trusted business advisers – that’s why we can claim some of the longest retention rates in the industry.

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