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Our business development partner, GallantMEDIA, is a full-service business development firm providing corporate branding, interactive online solutions and out-of-the-box, forward thinking marketing initiatives. Since 2004, they’ve excelled at helping clients develop and improve their business through a mix of design and development services that span multiple avenues.

They understand that as a business professional your time is important to you, that’s why they strive to not only provide you with a quality product, but to have it ready for you in a timely fashion.

This is all they do. That means that they’re accessible when you need them. It means that they understand the importance of client satisfaction. It means that they work overtime to meet deadlines. It means that they respond to emails and phone calls within hours… not days or weeks.

GallantMEDIA will help you build your dreams and encourage you to discover what the internet has to offer.

1. Website Development

Just because you’re a small town, local business doesn’t mean that you have to look like you are. On the internet you can be as big or as small as you’d like, do business locally or around the world.

GallantMEDIA provides everything from one page static, informational websites to full database driven e-commerce and content management systems, which means that we’ve got something for everyone. Let’s work together to find the solution that best suits your business.

2. Printing & Promotional

GallantMEDIA provides a wide range of innovative custom apparel, promotional products and printing services to strengthen your brand, increase profits and your client base.

Looking for staff shirts, promotional give-aways, mugs, pens, banners, posters, business cards or any other printed materials?  We design, print and deliver so you don’t have to leave your office!

3. Graphic Design & Branding

Whether you need a logo, newspaper ad or event poster, our creative staff will make you stand above the rest. Our expertise with print and other traditional advertising media provides us with a unique perspective. We offer a big-picture balance assuring that your message is communicated effectively through the most efficient channels.

We offer traditional graphic design in a variety of formats to compliment our web and multimedia services. This enables us to offer clients comprehensive brand management that integrates all marketing media around a unified image. Just like individual people, every organization, business or brand has its own identity. A distinct identity differentiates an organization from its competitors. It allows customers, suppliers and staff to recognize, understand and clearly describe the organization.

Visual identity exists in many ways. In addition to your logo, typeface and colours, the following all contribute to the impression created by your corporate identity: stationery, marketing literature, building signage, customer information, vehicles, and every aspect of promotional activity from a high-profile advertising campaign to the design of a promotional pen.

Our corporate identity design services usually combine a range of services to enable comprehensive brand management that integrates all marketing media around a unified image. This ensures that your logo, business cards, letterhead, website and other promotional items follow the same colour scheme, layout and design patterns.

4. Marketing & Advertising

Marketing is used to identify the customer, satisfy the customer, and keep the customer. Marketing isn’t just building a website. It’s not just having a good logo. It’s not just advertising in the newspaper. It’s all of those things combined. Expertise and efficiency can make all of the difference to any successful marketing plan. We strive to become part of your team in order to help you create a marketing strategy with maximum impact and reach.

Allow us the opportunity to help you analyze your current situation and define your marketing objectives. Who is your target market? What are they looking for? Are you targeting the proper demographic? What is your unique strategy? From there we will prepare a marketing strategy tailored to your company’s needs. Because there are countless techniques that can increase traffic to your business, let us show you which ones will work for your business and why.

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