10 Reasons Businesses Are Switching to Managed IT

You are always hearing about the hype surrounding a new item, like the iPhone X. For the business and IT world, the latest spotlight is on managed IT services. Around the globe, small and medium companies are partnering with managed service providers (MSPs) to support their growing IT needs, which is driving the expected growth of managed services to more than $230 billion by 2022.

The question is, what’s motivating companies to use an MSP for managed IT?

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Delivering Peace of Mind – RMM

Here are 4 Ways Remote Monitoring and Management Ensures your Technology Assets are Protected.

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The Importance of Cyber Resilience

The vast majority of damage done in cyber attacks is due to the inability of the
company to respond because they have not developed a cyber prevention and
response strategy.

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9 Cybersecurity Tips Every Business Should Follow

A massive global shift to remote working environments has created
an open-season for cybercriminals. No business—big or small—is
safe. Small and medium businesses (SMBs) seemingly have a target
on their backs, so strengthening your company’s security posture is
essential right now.

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Phishing Attacks: How to Recognize Them and Keep Business Data Safe

Cybercrime is on the rise, and hackers are using any opportunity to take advantage of an unknowing victim to gain access to personal information for financial gain.

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Outsourcing IT? If not, why not?

Did you know that outsourced IT is generally more cost effective than hiring in-house IT staff for smaller businesses?


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IT Gorilla Partners with the Snow Suit Fund of Ottawa

We are working harder than ever to help give back to our community. More than ever, children today are heading to school in the cold weather without proper gear on. IT Gorilla ha partnered with the Snow Suit Fund Ottawa to help battle this growing problem.

We will donate portions of each and ever service call or service contract we receive. This is an on-going initiative and has no expiry date.

Help us, help others.

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Microsoft has publicly announced January 14, 2020, as the end date for extended support for Windows 7


Microsoft has publicly announced January 14, 2020, as the end date for extended support, also known-as End of Life (EOL), for the Windows 7 operating system.

As of this date, Microsoft will no longer produce any patches or updates to address known or otherwise newly discovered issues for the Windows 7 platform. This potentially exposes users of devices with the Windows 7 operating system to vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited by threat actors—exploits, bugs, viruses, and ransomware.

So, if you’re one of the 40% of global organizations still using Windows 7 as your main operating system, we’d like to help you successfully migrate off of Windows 7.

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Ransomware. Are you prepared if you get infected?

Year after year, Managed service providers rank ransomware as top malware threat to small businesses, ahead of viruses, adware and spyware. Get the facts straight. Check out this report on the ransomware epidemic (and how it impacts YOU) and learn how to protect your business from the growing hacking threat today.

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